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The Unexpected Harvest (Audiobook)

The Unexpected Harvest (Audiobook)

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As Wayne Scott faces the final moments of his life, he wonders about the contribution he made and what he managed to achieve in the years God granted him on Earth.

Along with his grandson, the two explore some of the greatest questions any man can ask as he faces the end but mainly if he accomplished what God intended for him and how those he was leaving behind would cope.

From the defining moments of his life such as joining the navy and marrying his wife, to some of the great pleasures he enjoyed, like the classic 1969 blue Camaro he cherished, Wayne slowly comes to realize that each part of his time was like a puzzle that was now finally complete.

And with its completion comes a sudden and unexpected understanding that his life was a masterpiece created by God which has had an impact on others that he had scarcely noticed but which was of huge importance to them.

Wayne Scott may have believed that he was just an ordinary and unimportant man from a small town in the Shenandoah Valley, but his small piece was a vital part of a much greater puzzle.

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